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What is the Prayer Club? It’s just the fancy name I use for the area that PrayHer Journal subscribers access their free content. You will get printables such as

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Spread
  • Bible Verse Inserts
  • Bookmarkers Inserts
  • Covers

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Frequently Asked

How do I print the sheets

Printing is really easy. From your printer go into the settings and set your printer to A4 or A5 before you send from your computer. Some printers will have 

What sizes are A5 &4A4
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How often does PrayHer Journal release New products

A New PrayHer is done every 3 months or so. We do seasonal Journals. If you missed Summer (June) grab Septembers issue. Every month we will send inserts to help keep ypur journal fun and exciting.

Where can I find a binder

You can visit my Binder Area the link is www.prayHerJournal.com/Binders. These Binders are linked to my Amazon.com Affiliate Website. An affiliate website just means that if you buy any of the binders from the links I provided then amazon gives me a few cents from the product.